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French Empire Style Basket Chandelier With Green Accents

French Empire Style Basket Chandelier With Green Accents

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This chandelier's perfect symmetry and regal nature epitomize the empire style. Its' ribbon shaped corona flows into the twisting brass column and holds up the suspended body ring with three chains. The ring is draped with brass in the form of fabric and plaques with emerald like accents. The elegant crystal chains descend the chandelier and connect to its dangling crystal prisms.


From 1804–15, Napoléon I reigned as the emperor of France, bringing the country into a new era of wealth after the fall of the monarchy and the tumultuous years of the French Revolution. This stylistic era came to be known as French Empire. 


Materials: Brass and Crystal

Dimensions: 32 inches by 24 inches

***Please note that all chandeliers require assembly and do not include bulbs or installation. They are also UL Certified which is considered to be the gold standard in safety inspections.

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