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DECOELEVEN ™ Mythos Elegance Jar in Classic Blue

DECOELEVEN ™ Mythos Elegance Jar in Classic Blue

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Presenting the DECOELEVEN™ Mythos Elegance Jar, a versatile masterpiece that can serve as both the ultimate centerpiece or a stunning decorative element to enhance any room in your home.

This exquisite jar is a captivating blend of rich blue porcelain and vibrant bronze details, creating a striking visual contrast that is sure to draw the eye and spark conversations. Its design is a testament to the timeless beauty of mythological motifs, which adorn not only the jar's body but also the handle, lid, and stem, weaving a narrative of artistry and enchantment throughout.

The handle, reminiscent of ancient artifacts, carries the weight of history and artistry. The lid, crowned with intricate mythological symbols, adds an air of mystique to the piece. And the stem, with its graceful curves and myth-inspired engravings, exudes an aura of elegance and sophistication.

The base of the jar is a masterpiece in itself, finished with meticulous bronze detailing and porcelain accents. This combination of materials showcases the skilled craftsmanship that goes into creating each DECOELEVEN™ piece, ensuring that it not only serves as a stunning visual focal point but also as a testament to the artistry that goes into its creation.


Dimensions: 30 inches H x 21 inches L x 11 inches W

Material: Porcelain & bronze

Year: 21st Century

**** Please note that the product you receive may vary slightly in color and appearance from the product pictured on our website or in our catalog. Our products are hand-painted and therefore each piece is unique. The color and appearance of each piece can vary due to the artistic and individualized nature of the hand-painting process. We do our best to accurately represent the color and appearance of our products on our website and in our catalog, but please be aware that there may be slight variations from piece to piece. We appreciate your understanding and hope that you enjoy the uniqueness and individuality of each hand-painted product. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the color or appearance of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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