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The Doctor Visit Hand-painted Porcelain Figurine

The Doctor Visit Hand-painted Porcelain Figurine

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Hand-painted Porcelain figurine in the Rococo style, depicting a child examined by doctor. in the Rococo style. A timeless piece that tells a powerful story of a classic moment. Perfect to show your appreciation for healers everywhere. This figurine captures a universal moment of trust between doctor and patient. A moment that is honored and remembered for generations - it's sure to make an impressive impression in any home.


Dimensions:  10.5 inches H x 7.5 inches L x 6 inches W

Material: Porcelain

Year: Late 20th Century

**** Please note that the product you receive may vary slightly in color and appearance from the product pictured on our website or in our catalog. Our products are hand-painted and therefore each piece is unique. The color and appearance of each piece can vary due to the artistic and individualized nature of the hand-painting process. We do our best to accurately represent the color and appearance of our products on our website and in our catalog, but please be aware that there may be slight variations from piece to piece. We appreciate your understanding and hope that you enjoy the uniqueness and individuality of each hand-painted product. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the color or appearance of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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